Stuck in a rut? 


Here are the strategies coaches and consultants are using to ESCAPE..

Ever have the feeling that you're just bogged down in a rut... if your wheels are just spinning in the mud and you'll never achieve your business consulting goals?

Let's get you out of the mud and back on track to improving your delivery of result getting solutions for your clients.

I'll share 3 tips with you over the next few emails to get you moving forward again.

First, you need to know that there's two types of ruts you can fall into: a rut forward and a rut backward.

A forward rut is when you've made some business consulting progress, but you're kinda stuck moving any further ahead. A backwards rut is when you either lose momentum, or take a turn backwards.

Before I created Traffic magnet, I was in a major backwards rut. i had no idea where to find customers, how high my commission should be, who is my dream customer and so on.

Believe it or not, it was thanks to those rocky times that I developed focus gratitude, the heart and soul of my tutorial teaching system.

So that's all well and good, but it doesn't mean I don't step into some mud here and there.

I get trapped in ruts just like everyone else.

And when I do, there a few steps I follow to get unstuck. Here's the first...

Tip 1: Focus On 1 Goal For 7 Days

Here's the best way I know to get back on track: focus on only ONE business consulting goal using Traffic magnet over the next 7 days.

Only ONE. That's all.

A very important tip is to write this goal down. Keep it handy; on your person if you can. Look at it throughout the day.

Do you want to chip away at improving your delivery of result getting solutions for your clients? Put cold calling local companies to bed for good? (As you know, I think that approach to business consulting needs to die. : ) No matter what you pick, your task is simple: one thing and one thing only.

Bear in mind, this can be a small goal. You don't have to cure cancer here. Keep it simple. This will get you back in rhythm.

That's it.

Simple and effective. : )

I'll share my next tip for rut destruction in my next email.


Take care,

“Millions of coaches will try to expand their client base by creating a new client getting funnel. Very few succeed.


Will you be one of the lucky ones?”

Everyone who’s ever expanded their client base by creating a new client getting funnel knows these coaching secrets. And now you can discover them too...

Dear fellow coach,

It’s depressing, isn’t it?

Even though millions of consultants will try to improve their ability to get new clients this year, very few will succeed.

Some people will attract. A few others will enjoy receiving.

But nearly everyone else will struggle.

Maybe it’s even happened to you already. You start to expand your client base by creating a new client funnel, but you end up finding it difficult to add clients instead. Or perhaps you try to receive more referrals from satisfied clients, but only end up with lower than expected income.

You end up disappointed, bitter, and even blacklisted. And sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, you’re just never going to improve your delivery of result-getting solutions for your clients.

Listen, if you’ve ever felt like this, let just reassure you that you’re not the only one. And let me also tell you that it’s not your fault if you’ve tried your hand at client funnels and failed before.

You see, the reason why you struggle to find high-paying clients and have to deal with traffic every day is because so-called 'gurus' who never struggled themselves (how can they relate to you?) preach bad ideas like increasing your Facebook advertising budget and contacting local businesses by email.

I mean think about it business owners look at reviews and results more than advertising, when hiring a consulting firm: . And the email you sent ended up in the SPAM folder as a promotion. So those approaches can only work if you're lucky.

And speaking of...

If get clients easy worked in your favor like the lucky ones,
then you'd expand client base by creating a new client funnel too…

Ahh, to be so lucky.

Is that the answer? Just remain focused on the business side of things when consulting business owners.? Or just provide a broad spectrum of coaching and consulting services. perhaps? After all, you're probably not increasing your Facebook advertising budget..really, how can you?

It’s no wonder typical coaching solutions didn’t help you expand your client base by creating a new client funnel like you wanted. It’s no wonder that the lucky ones makes it look so easy, while you struggle too.

Until now, that is.

Introducing Traffic magnet – the premier traffic solution for business coaches and consultants that enables you to finally create and maintain the healthy client database your consulting firm needs in order to succeed without ever having to worry about the competition again.

It's the best coaching offer in the universe.

That’s right, now you too can easily upgrade the client database for your consulting firm without the competition stealing them away...without lose a lot of money... and without burn time!

It seems a little hard to believe, doesn’t it? After all, you’ve tried to improve delivery of result-getting solutions for your clients before, but you’re not really any better off. So it feels like too much to hope for to believe that this teaching system really could be the solution to business consulting success.

But this is unlike any you’ve ever tried before. That’s because now increasing your Facebook advertising budget, contacting local businesses by email, and cold calling local companies... all that hard work is history.

And in just minutes from now you’ll discover...

• quickly increase your client database... AND do it WITHOUT burn time

• embody your dreams and desires of being a successful business consultant... WITHOUT plan right now

• rapidly fill your schedule with consultation calls... AND turn the to happy customers

• PLUS in just 7 days you'll experience more clients calling to inquire about your consulting services...

• AND have identified the specific niche(s) you want to provide consulting services for in under 3 hours!

I know, these sound like bold claims. But I’ve used these strategies to upgrade my services by adding high-end options. I’ve shared these same strategies with countless other coaches and consultants so that they could receive stellar reviews from satisfied business owners within the community. And I know these little-known traffic secrets will work for you too.

Now it’s your turn to get results. 

Are YOU Ready to expand your client base by creating a new client funnel and attract better reviews from satisfied clients?

Here’s a sneak peek at what you get when you order now:

• You’ll find out a deceptively simple way to attract more consulting clients than ever before!

• You’ll discover how bad advice on blogs influences you negatively and leads you into I'm not worth it mode!

• WARNING: Don’t even think of trying to attract better reviews from satisfied clients until you learn how contacting local businesses by email can sabotage your results!

• How to quickly and easily create and maintain the healthy client database your consulting firm needs in order to succeed without ever having to worry about the competition again!

• 2 QUICK tips to finally agree that you achieve your goal... Because you get a proven method!

• You’ll discover what the consulting insiders know about attracting more business owners in need of consultation services than ever before and achieving greater levels of success than previously imagined!

• Are you making any of these 3 business consulting mistakes? You need to decide which niche(s) you want to provide consulting services for. – you might be surprised!

• You’ll find out how to avoid "don't get a client" – never again will you feel lost or worthless about traffic!

• You’ll learn a paint-by-numbers teaching system for upgrading services by adding high-end options – it’s easier than you think!

• You’ll get a surefire secret for traffic – you’re gonna love this!

• PLUS watch more clients calling to inquire about your consulting services in 7 days – you’ll even amaze yourself with this neat little trick!

And much, much more. By the time you implement Traffic magnet, decide which niche(s) you want to provide consulting services for., and experience this business coaching breakthrough for just 7 days, you’ll know everything you need to know about client funnels – guaranteed! 

Take a look at what others are saying about Traffic magnet:

"Three months ago my business consulting firm was in the tank. My client database was dwindling by the day and I thought for sure I'd have to close the doors before Christmas. I bought the ACME C & C COURSE as a last resort, and it turns out it was the single best decision of my life. Consulting has never been easier!" Wyatt E., Dodge City, KS.

"I got into business consulting a little over 2 years ago. Everything went fine at first, then business dropped off like an anchor in a bottomless ocean. I didn't know what to do. I was about ready to give up when my wife introduced me to the ACME C & C COURSE, within days I was back on my feet and I've never looked back!" Tim R., Tulsa, OK.

"I bought the ACME C & C COURSE before I ever thought about starting a business coaching and consulting firm. I have followed this system from the start and I've never experienced a disappearing client database, or unscheduled downtime for that matter." William B., Fort Sumner, NM.

If Traffic magnet works so well for these folks, just imagine what it can do for YOU!

Now, I know you’re excited about finally improving delivery of result getting solutions for your clients. But I also know what you’re thinking… 

How Much?

You’ve seen those other coaching teaching systems or solutions that cost $750, $1.000 or even $1.500. And so you’re probably thinking that you’re going to have to invest at least $2.000 in order to implement this teaching system.

Tell you what, it’s worth twice the price as those other coaching alternatives. Why? Let me remind you: Growth daily simple is the premier traffic solution for for business coaches and consultants everywhere that enables you to finally create and maintain the healthy client database your consulting firm needs in order to succeed without ever having to worry about the competition again.

And if I'm being totally honest, it's really the only solution.

But you don’t have to pay $2.000. You don’t have to pay $1.500. You don’t even have to pay $1.000.

Because if you act now, your total investment is just 1 payment of only $850.

You know this is a good deal. If you resort to Marketing agency you’d be paying at least $5.000. (you have to pay for every new product!)

Isn’t JUST receiving more referrals from satisfied clients worth at least 1 payment of only $850 to you? Of course it is. Let alone EPIC traffic! And that’s why you need to read this page now before this introductory price disappears.

Still on the fence? Still not convinced that this is the absolute best way to expand your client base by creating a new client funnel? Then let me sweeten the pot… 

Act Now and You’ll Also Get
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Go ahead and order Traffic magnet risk free right now. Use these coaching strategies. Enjoy the results for yourself and enjoy is backed by my conditional 30-day guarantee. If you do not see positive results within 30 days, I will refund 100% of your investment.. And just as my way of saying thank you for trying Traffic magnet, you can KEEP Your Avatar!

I can’t be any more fair than that, so order now…


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Take care,

P.S. Go ahead and look around, because you won’t find a better or more affordable way to easily upgrade the client database for your consulting firm and that’s a promise. So order risk-free right now – because you too can expand your client base by creating a new client funnel as you receive more referrals from satisfied clients!

Does accountability work?

I'm sure you've heard that having an accountability partner can help you reach your consulting goals faster.

But, have you ever wondered if that's really true?

Does accountability really help? Will it help you avoid struggling to land clients?

The answer is that it can help, when you apply it correctly.

However, accountability sometimes backfires.

Everyone thinks that the best way to stay motivated is to find an "accountability partner" - someone to whom we have to report our efforts and results.

But scientists have found that accountability has to be specific and in the hands of someone we care about.

If you are going to seek external accountability, ask someone you care about to hold you accountable for a specific part of your goal (i.e. timeline, first steps or certain targets).

Read on, as I explain...

Researchers have found that negative feedback from naysayers early on in your journey can impact whether or not you achieve your goal.

It's important to have positive feedback when you begin anything new.

However, did you know that even positive feedback can also have a negative effect on your progress?

Here's why.

There is a difference between having someone in your corner who will tell you how great you are and having someone who will give you genuine feedback.

While it's natural for the people you care about to praise you after you have announced your new and exciting target, be sure to surround yourself with people who will recognize specific progress you are making toward your goal. This is the important distinction.

"Empty" praise can hurt your progress. Praise like "good work", or great effort without any specificity can backfire.

Instead you need to have your accountability partner add how the great work impacted your consulting efforts. 

I suggest you try this new accountability approach.

Take care,