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About me


I was born in Kazakhstan and when I was 7 we came to Germany.

In school I learned German and English and because I like to read and talk to people I also know the three languages.


I started to work in financial services at the age of 18, after 6 years I changed the industry and worked as a freelancer. We checked steel masts for stability. 


Since I was always on assembly and had a few hours off, I decided to continue my education in a direction that had always fascinated me. So I became what I enjoy today, namely copywriter.


I am glad and grateful that I have had the opportunity to build from zero to everything in my life. Of course it was very hard for me at the beginning because I was a beginner, ;) my parents are normal workers.


Not everything went well and I was bankrupt twice. 


After many years I come to the awareness that it is only up to me. It is not the economic situation, it is not my origin, it is not my parents etc... It is in my hands whether I become successful or not.


And when I understood that and my mindset changed from then on, things went much better. Of course I make mistakes but that is always part of starting something new or developing. Like they say "if you have on ups and down your death!"


For this reason I do sports, meditate and enjoy every moment. I have realised that the thing is, it is neither bad or good. 


It always depends on which perspective you look at it from. If it doesn't work out the way I imagine it, I ask my self what this situation wants tell me, because nothing happens in my life just like that.


In the time when I am not writing a killer copy, I spend the time with my wife and our baby. We like to go for walks, traveling and getting to know other cultures. I am glad and grateful that I live in this time, where we are very flexible and get from A to B quickly.


I wish you a great time...